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Title:  Comp. & Orgn. Senior Analyst


Analyses the organizational structures under scope, promoting a progressive standarization in Tenaris, evaluates their positions and administrates their personnel compensation ensuring compliance with internal guidelines and business strategy.



  •  Analyses organizational structures under scope, promoting a progressive standardization in Tenaris.
  •  Keeps the Job Catalogue updated with necessary Jobs for the defined organizational structure.
  •  Performs a job description for new positions under his/her scope.
  •  Performs the position class evaluation for positions within his / her scope of responsibility.
  •  Assists in updating salary structures according to external market evolution and business changes.
  •  Participates in external compensation surveys as appropriate.
  •  Proposes the granting of bonuses, other special awards and benefits.
  •  Provides information regarding salary changes and bonuses to the payroll department.
  •  Complies with Tenaris policies, procedures and management standards, and ensures adherence with all laws and regulations that apply to the area of responsibility.
  •  Protects from damage, theft or misuse the facilities, equipment and other physical resources assigned to his/her area.

Campana, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date:  Nov 23, 2023

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