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Title:  Education STEM Assistant


Position: STEM tutor
Company: Fondazione Dalmine ETS
Activity: Education 
Work Location: Dalmine
Position Type: Full-time
Role Name: Education STEM Assistant
Contract: Permanent contract (Federculture)

Fondazione Dalmine is looking for a qualified professional responsible for delivering high-quality instruction in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), with a particular emphasis on educational robotics. This role requires strong teaching skills and the ability to engage students of varying ages and proficiency levels.


1.    Design and implement educational programs based on STEM subjects, with a specific focus on educational robotics.
2.    Create and adapt appropriate teaching materials for students of diverse ages and proficiency levels.
3.    Conduct interactive and engaging lessons that encourage active student participation.
4.    Provide individual support to students to enhance their understanding of STEM concepts and practical applications.
5.    Collaborate with the team to develop new educational initiatives and integrate emerging technologies into existing programs.
6.    Assess student progress and provide constructive feedback to promote their continuous learning.
7.    Organize events, workshops, and competitions to promote student interest and participation in STEM subjects.
8.    Maintain a safe and inclusive learning environment that encourages diversity and mutual respect.


1.    Bachelor's degree preferably in Education Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field.
2.    Proven experience in teaching STEM subjects, with in-depth knowledge of educational robotics.
3.    Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with strong attention to detail.
4.    Demonstrated ability to design and implement innovative educational programs.
5.    Proficiency in using technological tools and software related to robotics and STEM subjects.
6.    Ability to work in teams and collaborate with colleagues from diverse disciplines.
7.    Customer-oriented mindset and ability to provide high-quality service to students and participants in educational programs.

•    Stimulating and dynamic work environment.
•    Opportunities for professional growth.
•    Ongoing training in the field of industrial automation.
•    Competitive company benefits.


Dalmine, Lombardy, Italy

Date:  Jul 6, 2024

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