Title:  BMG Supervisor for Combustion & Instrumentation - Koppel,A



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BMG Supervisor for Combustion & Instrumentation


LOCATION: Koppel - Pennsylvania - USA 

DEPARTMENT: Maintenance


  • Monitor reheating furnaces process in HMI (Rotary Hearth Furnace, Heat Treatment furnaces and Regenerative Thermal Oxydizer) to make sure process is running as required.
  • Monitor furnace emissions and adjust process parameters when required.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot furnaces alarms and adjust process parameters when required.
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on furnace instrumentation (pressure transmitters, flow transmitters, servomotor motors, shut off valves, thermocouples, RTDs, etc).
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on CEMS analyzers and ammonia injection system.
  • Perform safety interlock checks and report results/findings in SAP PM.
  • Perform quality assurance plans on instrumentation and report in SAP PM.
  • Maintenance plans work orders execution and reporting in SAP PM.
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on different type of burners.
  • Perform complex failure analysis, determining root causes, utilizing critical analytical thinking and taking actions to avoid recurrence of the combustion control systems.
  • Review, participate, and technically assist in emergency repairs and failure analysis.
  • Analyze and propose machine and equipment upgrades or replacements.
  • Develop and implement work procedures and risk assessments.
  • Cover shifts or work holidays as required.
  • Stay on call for emergency assistance when required.
  • Works as part of the maintenance team following supervisor indications.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot scale adjust process parameters when required.



  • Instrumentation experience. Commissioning, quality, preventive and corrective maintenance. Thermocouples, RTD’s, flow and pressure transmitters, Flame detector, digital and analog control valves, limit switches, pneumatic and electric actuator valves,
  • Safety Interlocks checks. NFPA86 understanding.
  • Reheating combustion furnaces maintenance and process control monitoring and adjusting experience, Rotary Hearth Furnace and Heat Treatment.
  • PID control loops monitoring and adjusting knowledge.
  • Natural Gas combustion burners, regenerative, radiant, self-recuperative, high speed, pulse firing and modulating type.
  • SAP maintenance knowledge.
  • Failure analysis developing and follow up.
  • Refractory insulation understanding.
  • PLC basic understanding.
  • PID (piping and instrumentation diagram) schematics reading and understanding.
  • PLC & Instrumentation electrical diagrams understanding.
  • Measuring and calibrating instruments usage knowledge.
  • Preventive maintenance activities planning and reporting.
  • Product of combustion emissions understanding.
  • knowledge of Scale of the Meltshop process

Koppel, Pennsylvania, USA

Date:  Feb 2, 2024