Title:  MAIN Specialist


1.    Work together with maintenance team to ensuring process continuity and promoting continuous improvement opportunities. Ensures the correct sharing and implementation of best maintenance practices in the mills.
2.    Support maintenance team to maintain availability of proper maintenance plans and programs for both OCTG & CECO oversees its execution in terms of quality, utilization, time, cost, and safety standards. Proposes corrective actions in case any deviation to standards.
3.    Support MAIN / ENGN / OPERATION research and assessment of new technologies, procedures, and standards. Ensures the correct sharing and implementation of maintenance standards and best practices.
4.    Working with MAIN team the optimal selection of providers in terms of technical reliability, quality, and cost of services and support critical tasks.
5.    Participates in the definition of the area budget and controls its proper execution, detecting any deviations to standards and proposing corrective actions  
6.    third parties/contractors' services. defining corrective actions in case any deviation, and Supports Engineering in the project, assembly and startup of new installations and equipment.
7.    Protects from damage, theft or misuse the facilities, equipment and other physical resources assigned to his/her area.  
8.    Contributes from a technical perspective in the analysis and solution of highly complex issues in area of specialty.  To comply with HSE procedures, report any incident or observation, perform inspections, and participate in the investigation process.  Implement the preventive/corrective actions. Keep updated the risk analysis and the environmental aspect assessment.


Qingdao, Shandong, China

Date:  Sep 2, 2023